“How I Grew a Simple Little Adsense Site from $0 to $6k and Over 1 Million Page Views in Just 3 Short Months”

Would you like to make $50 or more per day within a short time with Google Adsense?

Do you have 45 minutes per day to work on your site?

If you answered yes to those 2 questions then you are going to love what I am about to share with you.

Hi, My name is Jan Roos and I am known as the Amazon Guy.

I make my living from building Authority Amazon sites and a few months ago I gotthis bright idea to build a simple Adsense site and drive traffic to it from this super cool new traffic source I discovered.

What happened next surprised me.

I created 4 very simple posts on my site, put a logo on the site and added my Adsense ads.

Next, I turned the traffic on and made $20 profit that same day.

Over the next 3 months I would spend 45 minutes each day creating one new post on my site and turning the traffic on for it. I would also post the new post on my Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

That little site grew from $0 to $6K per month in profit within 3 months.

It went like this.

Month 1 - $1600 in profit.

Month 2 - $3300 in profit.

Month 3 - $6000 in profit.

Check out this Analytics Screenshot for the site.

Here are some screenshots from my earnings for this little site.

Adsense Earnings

Content Recommendation Widget Earnings

As you can see the site earned $31,900 total but only $10,900.00 of that was profit because I am paying $0.03 cents per click for traffic.

I do not mind at all paying for the traffic because if I put $50 in and get $100 back then I would of course keep putting the $50 in over and over. See how that works?

Don’t worry if you do not want to pay for traffic.

I will show you how to drive all the free traffic you can handle to these sites.

The reason I like the paid traffic route is because It works instantly and I can control how much traffic I want at will.

Free traffic just takes a bit more work and patience but it works well for these types of sites because of the viral aspect of the content.

You see, creating these sites are super simple, even my granny can
build one and create content for it in just 1 day.

Not only that, it is fun as well because you are going to be writing short posts the way I show you on hot topics that has already been proven to go viral.

Ding ding…

See where I am getting at?

You create a site with content that goes viral and you sit back and collect the money from Ads being clicked on your site.

It’s super simple and I wrote a short, no fluff report that will show you exactly how to do it.

If you have 45 minutes per day and stick to it for a little while then you will make money from Adsense.

What would an extra $50 to $200 a day mean to you right now?

Would you quit your job, pay off your mortgage or just go on that dream vacation?

Well, if you follow my Viral Adsense Cash Blueprint then you can achieve your dreams very quickly.

I want to make this as affordable as possible for everyone and I intentionally kept the report short and to the point so that you have no excuses not to read it because it is too long.

You will also receive 22 Wordpress tutorial videos that will show you everything you need to know about using Wordpress. The videos will show you how to buy a domain name, how to install Wordpress on your hosting account, how to upload your theme, logo, plugins and posts.

Armed with these videos and the report you have no choice but to succeed with this.

The strategy is simple and the sooner you start the better.

The price is just $19.99 and there are no refunds.

If you are planning on buying this blueprint just to read the info and then refund don’t even waste your time. I guarantee you have not heard of this exact strategy before and the info is worth more than a measly $19.99

See you on the inside.

Jan Roos